Saturday, August 8, 2009

Inskip Peninsula development controversy

View to Inskip Peninsula and Fraser Island from Scribbly Gums beach house.

Even paradise has its troubles. There is a long running fight over development on Inskip Peninsula where Rainbow Shores is proposing a stage 2 development of some 6000 people (Rainbow Beach has a permanent population of around 1000 people). Because of environmental sensitivity, it appears that the Queensland Government is working on a deal to swap some Crown land. As reported in The Courier-Mail, several Government Ministers and staffers have been involved with advising with the developers over time.
A community group called Citizens Helping Inskip Peninsula (CHIP) is fighting this development. You can read more at their website about the issues for Rainbow Beach and what is happening.

This is precious land bordering a World Heritage area - it deserves absolute transparency and a decision for the better good of the environment and community.

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