Monday, July 12, 2010

Sand city and driftwood aliens

Winter at the beach is beautiful in its own blustery, bracing way.  It's a chance to appreciate the rich colours of nature not washed out by a harsh sun.  It's fun to walk along the beach rugged up against the chill and not bake in the heat.  Then it's home to a lovely warm shower, cup of tea and game of Monopoly.  Happily, we also had days that were warm enough to swim and lay on the beach in our togs (swimmers for non-Queenslanders!).

These images were captured by the children on an afternoon beach walk.  They were fascinated by the "sand city" - like a distant view of city skyscrapers.

Rainbow Beach has loads of driftwood washed up against the rocks.  The sandscape along the beach changes so often that it appears and disappears daily.   We love exploring the distorted, weathered shapes and discovering alien creatures.

And capturing bleached white driftwood against the black coffee rock.

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