Sunday, July 10, 2011

Winter bliss at Rainbow Beach

Late afternoon in front of the lifesaving flags looking towards Inskip Point. Still people on the beach enjoying the last of the sun's warmth.

We're experiencing the most glorious sunny weather in Rainbow Beach for the June-July school holidays.   To make this idyllic place even more perfect, it is very quiet.  It appears the crowds have decided to stay home and sadly they are missing out!  

Winter is a lovely time to visit Rainbow Beach.  On the beach it is warm enough to wear togs (swimmers) and shorts.  OK, the water is a little chilly, but the kids don't seem to notice.  Some are wearing wetsuits, but many aren't.   The beach is beautiful for lazing like a lizard soaking up the warm sun, reading a book or building sand castles and beach cricket.

We have enjoyed azure-blue skies, warm sunshine and little wind almost all day, everyday.  Even when the wind gets up, we can find a beach that is sheltered from the prevailing wind.

One of the most memorable features of this area are its striking colours - nature has perfected its palette in Rainbow.  Sand cliffs of many colours from bright white to yellow and blood ochre, capped with dark green Banksia forest before a rich blue sky arcs endlessly above. 

And of course, it is the best time of the year for bush walking.  The sand expanse of Carlo Sand Blow has been magnificent and the temperature perfect for an explore all around its extremes.  We have joined many backpackers and other visitors to watch the fiery sunsets over the waters of Tin Can Bay inlet.  Today, below the coloured sand cliffs we met a group who had walked from Freshwater where they had camped for the night.  They said it would take about six hours to walk from Freshwater, north along Teewah Beach to Double Island Point and then along the glorious sweeping Rainbow Beach to the township.

Daytime temperatures in Rainbow Beach have been about 20 - 22 degrees Celsius.

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