Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mother whale protects calf caught in net off Rainbow Beach

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On 16 October, a five-metre-long humpback whale calf became entangled in shark nets just off Rainbow Beach.  Thankfully, the whale was freed by Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol's marine animal release team in a five hour operation.

The Gympie Times reported that witnesses on the beach said the mother seemed agitated as the rescuers cut the net from the calf.  The massive humpback breached and tail-slapped the water many times before swimming in a continuous circuit to check on her calf.

These photos tell the story of this amazing mother protecting her baby.  Despite the rubber duckie boats and other threats to her safety, the whale stayed guarding her calf.

These gentle giants of the sea are sentient creatures that need our protection.  Scientific studies have shown that whales and dolphins demonstrate self-awareness, suffering and a social culture - not deserving of being treated as an animal commodity to be harvested from the sea (source:
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