Monday, December 21, 2015

Best places for family fun at Rainbow Beach (kinda secret too)

Have your own Tom Sawyer adventure exploring along freshwater Searys Creek. On a hot day, get there early to avoid the crowds.  You could catch a massive eel on your GoPro!  Remember your googles or snorkelling mask too.  Please take care with the delicate environment of the creek and only use the steps and boardwalks.  It is part of the National Park.

Swimming under the old logging bridge at Searys Creek is a team effort.  As parents you would already know to supervise your children at all times while swimming under there.

Sand tobogganing at Carlo Sand Blow on sunset.  How spectacular is this place.  James Cook knew a good sand blow when he saw one!  Take something to help you slide such as a boogie board with a really smooth bottom.  Sitting down is a good idea because we've seen some nasty stacks when people try to stand up - normally backpackers pushing the limits!

Sand tobogganing is another great spot to capture Go Pro action.

Learning to surf at "North Beach" near Double Island Point.  This is one of the top surfing spots in Australia because of the very long and gentle break.  To get here from Rainbow Beach you need a 4WD and to work in with the tide times - and remember to leave enough time to get back!  There are no toilets or water, so take plenty of snacks and drinks.  It is a wonderful place to hang out for as many hours as you can.  The shallows are sheltered and there are rocks to explore.  You may spot dolphins, and whales in migration season.  From the beach you can also walk up to the Double Island Point Lighthouse (about 20 minutes uphill).

And, of course, more Go Pro footage so that you can preserve forever the memories of your fun adventures at Rainbow Beach.

We hope you enjoy these best places for family fun at Rainbow Beach.  All these "secret spots" are very special to us and many other families.  Please take care of the precious natural environment while enjoying them, and take all your rubbish away.

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